A Marine In Japan, and his Vicissitudes of Fortune.


I’ll never forget the sweetness of your kiss, or how it felt like the world around us disappeared when we embraced. I never wanted to let go, of this small warm girl in front of me. The first that had ever held me that tight, the first time I could tell that you didn’t want to let go either. Maybe we thought that if we just held on a little tighter, if we held on just a little longer, time would stop, and we’d be together, forever. I’ll never trade the hours of sleep I lost before my flight the next day. Maybe we both knew it was the last time we would ever hold each other like that, maybe that’s why I found my lips pressed to yours every chance I got. I kissed you and kissed you, and then, you kissed me, for the first time. I’ll always miss those moments, and I’ll always miss you. I’m not good at this, at giving up. Walking away from you will be one of the hardest things I ever do. But I will, because I love you, and you want me to. Just, please remember me, remember us, and remember that part of me will always be waiting to come home to you.

I am living a pitiful life, tell me, what lesson is there in this strife?

I have a feeling that it’s going to be a cold winter.


Lana Del Rey - Summertime Sadness (by LanaDelRey)

It’s almost that time of year again

I want to be the bad guy

I want to be the villain.

I want to take you away from him,

I’m just not that guy anymore.